Still Here

Hey Lauren,

I’ve set up a basic blog for you. I know it isn’t a whole lot in terms of a fully function website (we can work on that in the future) but at least it will give you a platform to start putting your work out there. At the very least, you can put passages of scripture, quotes, videos and other media that you think goes along with your Bible Study each week so you can direct the rest of the group to it if they want to study more on that particular topic.

I’m a firm believer that you just need to take the first step to get the ball rolling and once you do, crazy things can happen. Trust God =)

If you believe that your calling is women’s ministry then here’s the simple answer… do it.

God will bless your ministry when you pursue it with a clean conscience and a pure heart before Him with the full intention that He is glorified in it. I truly believe that you’re going to do some pretty cool things under God’s guidence – no doubt! I can’t wait to see what happens =)

You’re the jam.

Thanks for being so supportive of me and all of my crazy ideas. I hope I can be half of supportive for you. I love you!



About Lauren Morgan

Blogger. Wife to James. Mom to Ryman. Follower of Christ.
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