To all the hearts

Today my heart hurts for all the men and women I’ve watched remain in something harmful for them- rather that be a job, a friendship, or, most often, a relationship. I often watch individuals stay in relationships that either tear them down verbally, ignore their feelings and the care of their hearts, or lack the things they need most. But in each case, the person stays, because what if… What if nothing is better? What if they regret their decision, and Prince Not So Charming or “Bae” is lost for good? The what if keeps them stuck (bound even) to their situation. This is the reason I write today. I write, because I want to expose the lies and shed some light on the truth.

We settle for good when we don’t think our “best,” what we’ve dreamed up in our head, actually exists. We stay in what we’re in, because we’re scared that what lies outside of it might be even worse. What if it doesn’t get any better than this, and we’re giving it all up? We’ve waited this long. It’s got to be our only chance!

Now a lot of times these guys or girls are great! They’re really great! But they’re not your great. And if you were honest with yourself, you’d know they’re not at all what you need. As wonderful as they may be, they don’t fit your God given roles and talents. They can’t walk into your calling with you, because your calling is not their own. You were designed for different things. You see, God’s good can’t walk alongside you for long, because He made a best (best for you that is) who was made to walk alongside the same God glorifying path. 

We, as men and women, have all too quickly lost hope. We’ve given up.

So we, as women, no longer wait for the men who recognize our value and pursue us; we settle for those who wait for us to walk up and present ourselves without a challenge. And the men no longer wait for and pursue the truly God fearing women. Men and women of God are missing each other! The men of God are settling for seductive women who have chased them down (often while feigning a love for Christ), and the women of God are settling for men who don’t so much as put up a fight. How does this fit into God’s plan? Satan isn’t stupid. He’s a deceiver. He knows that if he can get the men and women of God distracted and unequally yoked, he can render them at least partially ineffective to the kingdom of God. Women, get out! Get out of ungodly relationships. I know you’re scared. And it will be hard. That’s not a question. But walking in the will of God is always ALWAYS worth it. God never removes something out of your life to give you less. Don’t be silly. That’s another lie of satan. And men, wise up! Don’t try to lead a woman who does nothing to push you closer to Christ. If she only serves as a good looking distraction, she sure as heck isn’t it! “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). In other words, seek Christ first! Let Him lead and guard your heart. Let Him direct your steps and your choices. Carefully consider who you date and who you love. And when He calls you to move, please please trust that his heart is not to hurt you but to lead you into YOUR best. 

5 thoughts on “To all the hearts

      1. Love you more. Talk to
        Sara Toepher Smith for me. I want her to teach chemistry for us. That is if you know her.

  1. You know my saying God doesn’t give you what you thought was good so he can give you the best!! Great blog/writing! So very true. If only, we as humans could realize this message!!!

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