One Day My Prince Will Come

Every little girl learns at a young age to look, long, and hope for a knight in shining armor, the prince that will make her feel captivating and loved. Every little girl knows that she must wait…. But I’ve been thinking…. I don’t just want to hold out on the hope that “one day my prince will come.” I want to be so in love with the Prince of peace, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords , that it won’t matter if my earthly prince ever comes. My heavenly prince must be more than enough. So here’s the deal….. Ladies, we must wait, but we must not only wait. We must also use this time of waiting to pursue God with all our heart, because a prince will only pursue a princess. If we are to have a prince and not just a geek in aluminum foil, we must be completely lost in the heart of God, for that is what captures the hearts of his sons. And honestly ladies, we are princesses worth pursuing, because the perfect prince already did the ultimate act of pursuance- He laid down His life through death on a cross in the hopes of spending eternity with us. Now that’s love… The kind of love Disney will NEVER be able to outshine or outdo.

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