Here I go again


I feel that all too often I have to come before the Lord and say, “Here I am again, Lord. I need your help. I’m still dealing with this issue.” Recently, I prayed a rather brave prayer. I asked the Lord to increase my dependence on Him. I didn’t want to only get in the Word in the sense of reading a verse or two a day. I wanted to actively pursue His PRESENCE daily. I wanted to literally spend quality time with Him each day. So I asked Him to make my days without Him miserable, to show me that I really can’t do this life on my own. Boy, did he answer that plea. The past two weeks have been so busy. Because of this, I was not in the Word or in His presence like I promised Him I would be, and I COMPLETELY felt the affects. I felt broken, useless, stressed, and unable to do anything worth noting. I cried out before Him asking Him why life was so difficult, and He gently brought that prayer of mine to mind. He brought to my remembrance a plea to Him to strip me of all else if I did not have Him as my first priority. Praise God that He answers the tough prayers! I’m thankful for a God who actively pursues my time and affection. He wants to shape my heart, but I need to allow Him to do so by spending time with Him. I’ve got to seek Him and His power. Without being plugged in to the ultimate source of power, I quickly run out of energy. Prayerfully, this lesson sticks with me a little longer this time.

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