Does God Care About the Little Things?

Do you ever wonder if God actually cares about your day to day prayers? Do you wonder if He has time for the ridiculous every day things you dare to ask? Do you doubt He has time to consider all the longings in your heart? Do you actually trust that His heart is not only for His glory but also for your good? Well, this week I was so in awe of how much our God cares about the little things and how much He pays attention to the smallest of details.

While on my way to an appointment, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to stop at a local frozen yogurt shop, one that I hadn’t visited in a very long time. I had no clue why the Holy Spirit would want me to get frozen yogurt, but I sure didn’t mind stopping by for a treat. While inside, I stood behind an older couple, one of which had parkinson’s disease and was shaking badly. Due to the shaking, the man dropped all of his frozen yogurt on the floor, only to receive yells of impatience and embarrassment from his spouse. I felt the Lord lead me to run over and start picking up the mess for them. I then asked what kind of yogurt the man had chosen, so I could refill his cup. As I handed his wife the newly filled cup of yogurt, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to purchase their order. At first, the lady said she couldn’t possibly let me do that as she stood in complete shock. After telling her that it would really bless me to be able to purchase their order, she let me and thanked me over and over again. She even asked to hug me and said she couldn’t understand why I would do that for perfect strangers. There it was- the perfect opportunity to share the Gospel! I told her how the Lord had told me that I needed to bless them that day. The woman behind the counter even stopped what she was doing to say that the occasion ministered to her heart. By this point, the whole establishment was full of people, and all of these people were able to witness this moment between perfect strangers that was orchestrated by the Lord.

I say all this to say that if the Lord could cause me to go out of my way to get frozen yogurt just to brighten one couple’s day, what wouldn’t he do for you and me when we call out to Him according to His will? So often, we wonder if God is really working on our behalf and if He really cares about the “little things.” I’m here to tell you that He most certainly does. He cares. He cares about the big stuff, and He cares about the little stuff. I think that one of the reasons that He cares so much about the little things is because they bring about the faith-building, aha! moments. The little moments when we see Him working on our behalf time and time again increase our trust in Him and His heart toward us. It’s not that we don’t normally think that He can do all of these things. Often, however, we doubt that He WILL do all of those “little things.” I believe this is a result of our lack of understanding of His character. If we truly trusted God’s heart toward us, I believe we would pray much bigger, faith-filled prayers and that we would trust Him to take care of the every day itty bitty prayers too.The same God who parted waters and raised people from the dead can stop the rain for a wedding and provide an opportunity to bless someone else’s day.

For instance, just today, my husband and I were in the mall praying for our lunch when James asked God to provide us with an opportunity to witness to someone before the day was over. We weren’t two bites into our food when one of his students pulled up a chair next to us and began to talk. He told us of his loneliness, doubt, and need for Jesus. Aha! There it was again! God working in a insanely timely manner to answer even the smallest of prayers. Just like that, we had our faith-building moment. Our God delights in answering those prayers that are aligned with His will and for His glory. He loves to show His power and loving-kindness. What a wonderful God we serve- one that loves to answer both the huge, difficult prayers and the smallest cries of our hearts. I hope this post encourages you to once again trust in the heart of our God. He is actively working on your behalf!

James 1:6 “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.”

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