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Ryman Thomas

8 weeks. I can hardly believe it, but our sweet little one is set to arrive in only 8 short weeks. We had a baby shower for him two weeks ago, and the excitement has been steadily rising. It seems … Continue reading

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Year 25

Most people get excited about their golden birthday and for good reason. It seems so monumental to finally hit that year. I still have a couple of years to go before I can claim mine, however. Strangely enough, my excitement … Continue reading

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Oh Boy

Today, I want to share not only our exciting reveal but also my heart. My hope is that I would always remain open and vulnerable so that God can use my story. Being transparent is often difficult and is definitely … Continue reading

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You Were My Third Best Decision

You were my third best decision. Anyone who knows me well or keeps up with my blogs knows my expression, “Jesus then James.” I always say that marrying James Morgan was my second best decision after receiving Christ as my … Continue reading

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The Question Isn’t Can He but Will He?

It’s easy to believe that God CAN act on our behalf. It’s harder to believe and have faith that He WILL act on our behalf. I trust that my God is fully able, and I do know that He is … Continue reading

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Fear of Missing Out

I often struggle with what I like to call a “fear of missing out.” Instead of enjoying the moment, I’m constantly wondering if I really made enough of the moment. Did I get the most out of it? Is there … Continue reading

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An Unpopular Opinion on Taking Offense

Often when the Lord is correcting an issue in our lives, we encounter a similar, seemingly unbeatable problem over and over again. Typically, how this starts in my own life, is through me asking God to root out sin in … Continue reading

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Sex: Everyone’s Doing It

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a long time. In fact, it’s something that I’m very passionate about. But how can I possibly say everything I feel and believe without coming across as preachy and turning everyone away? … Continue reading

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2015 Reflections. 2016 Hopes.

2015 brought me so many beautiful things. It brought me a husband, new friends, a new Bible study group, new growth, new maturity, and new wisdom. 2015 reignited my passion to teach on purity and marriage. It taught me to … Continue reading

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Does God Care About the Little Things?

Do you ever wonder if God actually cares about your day to day prayers? Do you wonder if He has time for the ridiculous every day things you dare to ask? Do you doubt He has time to consider all … Continue reading

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